The season finale is here: Episode 5 “Savasana”. The yoga partners get into poses they can’t get out of and Quipie gets a couple intriguing surprises. Featuring, as always, the killer music of You Won’t. 

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Presenting Quipie’s Quips: a handful of outtakes and bloopers from the most incompetent yoga teacher ever. Enjoy!

And get ready for Episode 5, our last one of the season, coming atcha next week! 

A little deleted nugget to tide you over until next Tuesday, when we release Episode 4. Lock those doors! 

Episode 3 - “Warrior” has helicoptered in from the jungle. Get weird with us! 

Episode 2 - “Dog” is here! Featuring more music from You Won’t and special guest star, Patanjali. Check it out and stay cool today! 

We are psyched to announce that Episode 1 - “Mountain” is here!

Featuring music from You Won’t and Lauren Marcus.